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I fly a DJI Mavic 2 Pro which brings the best of both worlds:  Portability and a 1 inch 20mp Hasselblad Camera which also creates stunning 4k Video.  This drone is just as capable taking fun, breathtaking photos as it is doing inspections of cell towers, roofs, buildings, and land surveying.  We are currently in the process of obtaining different drones so keep looking back for more info.

I also have a Samsung 360 degree camera capable of capturing Virtual Tour photos.  Ask me more about these cameras.

Our Photographers

 I have been flying drones for several years and am now a certified FAA Part 107 Remote Pilot.  I am capable of getting most FAA Authorizations to fly in different locations throughout the day as needed.  I recently received my Daytime Operations Waiver (meaning I can fly at night also) so we would be available for more creative filming as needed.

Why Us?

 I love working with people to capture the perfect photo or video and my prices are very competitive.  Feel free to reach out for a quote. 


Drone Training is available to build your skills in using the features of your drone or we can teach you the basics using our equipment. 

Thermal Drone Training for Police and Fire Departments is available using your equipment.  We have 2 certified Part 107 pilots.  Our 1 pilot is familiar with Law Enforcement uses of drone technology.

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